Frédéric Carrayol: Lost Images From the Sink

Frédéric Carrayol’s moody, atmospheric prints might come from another time and lead you to another world. Their painterly quality–warmly glowing darkness and light–is achieved by “experimenting around the culture of accident.” They are printed on old silver papers found on second-hand sites and made using toners like coffee or tea. A rarity in an ever-more instant and digital world, the lengthy process of printing these images becomes as important as shooting the subject in the first place.

Frédéric Carrayol has been evolving in an analog world for more than 20 years. Just as passionate about its tape magnets and its ribbon microphones as its Leica, its 4X5 room or its enlarger and its stocks of warmtone baryta paper. 

 This craftsman, as he likes to define himself, photographer and shooter, freezes a free and wild nature with the sandstone of his wanderings across the continents. Then he returned it on paper with coffee toning, complex emulsions and rare treatments.

It’s his love of the precise gesture and his analog feeling that guides Fred’s work in his lab. It shapes black and white from any type of film (24×36, 6×6, 6×7, 6×9 up to 4×5) from small paper format, to large 50×60 sheets..

Frédéric Carrayol évolue dans un monde analogique depuis plus de 20 ans. Tout aussi passionné par ses magnétos à bande et ses micros à rubans que par son Leica, sa chambre 4X5 ou son agrandisseur et ses stocks de papier baryté warmtone. 

Cet artisan, comme il aime à se définir, photographe et tireur, fige une nature libre et sauvage au grès de ses déambulations à travers les continents. Puis il la restitue sur papier à coup de toning au café, d’émulsions complexes et de traitements rares.

C’est son amour du geste précis et son ressenti analogue qui guide le travail de Fred dans son labo. Il façonne le noir et blanc à partir de tout type de film (24×36, 6×6, 6×7, 6×9 jusqu’au 4×5) du petit format papier, jusqu’aux grandes feuilles 50×60

Frédéric Carrayol lives in France, in Colombes near Paris, where he set up his darkroom. He also works as an artistic director and music producer in his recording studio in Paris XXth. You can see more of his work on his website: as well as on his instagram account: @frederic_carrayol

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