The Lost Art Exhibit

In the short film Dreams and Dust, artist Marc Reed describes discovering an abandoned neighborhood in New Jersey. “My first couple visits felt like intrusions and, although there wasn’t a single person there, I felt glaring eyes upon me. By my last visit (there were approximately ten) the neighborhood felt like home. Me, the stubborn souls, even the orange and white tabby who inhabited the white clapboard house all became accustomed to one another. Do spirits continue to inhabit these places? I don’t know… but maybe.”

In this beautiful new short film The Lost Art Gallery, Reed tells us how he felt compelled to hang his own art in an abandoned building there, to mingle with the spirits and memories the buildings hold.

Marc Reed is a painter, photographer, film maker, animator, web designer and developer, illustrator, casual trespasser, home improvement afficionado, wine maker, hiker, paddler and father – not necessarily in that order. See more of Marc Reed’s films, paintings, photography, and musings here. and on Instagram.

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  1. What lovely old buildings. Sad to see them going to ruin. I wondered if it is property the government took as eminent domain? Looks reminiscent of Peters Valley…


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