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Freelance professional photographer based in Istanbul.
Specializing in images of the Middle East & Balkans;
For ten years I lived in Damascus, Syria where I watched a beautiful country slip into a vile war.

Sitting in Silence with Strangers

In the course of my travels I have had many unforgettable conversations, many from dusk to till dawn, entire train and plane rides, fascinating people with incredible stories or theories on the point of our existence, and yet, more often than not, it’s the conversations in silence I remember most fondly.

Cyanotypes & The Graves of Poets

There really is no explanation for the creative process, I can only say that from time to time I find myself crawling around graveyards…
The Leaves of Poets had been a title jangling around my head for a while and this first attempt has been made with leaves found on the grave of JRR Tolkien.