Would you like to write for us? Do you have something to share? We’re looking for submissions!

We publish criticism/analysis, of art, film, music, etc, and as well as original art, fiction, poetry, photography, music, film. Please send a query to if you’d like to write an article or share your original work.

A couple of series I’d like to explore would be: 1) a “why I love this” series. It could be anything, really. An author, a song, a food. For me it would be European football, which is something I’m madly in love with and never expected to be. Anything.

And 2) an “It was a very good year” series, about why certain years were good for certain genres of anything. (’93 for hip hop, for instance)Also looking for people who would like their art/photography, fiction, poetry, short film, etc to be featured.

We’re also open to humor, comics, nature-writing. Anything you feel passionate about!

We’re also looking for someone to deejay our Magpie’s Playlist every issue–to create a playlist to share with our community.

I’m open to suggestions!