Would you like to write for us? Do you have something to share? We’re looking for submissions!

We publish analysis of art, film, music, etc, with an emphasis on appreciation rather than criticism. We’d like to share essays about art, music, film, food, and literature that we love, that intrigues us and stays with us. It could be a movie from the sixties, a band from the 80s, an artist from the 1600s. Or it could be something brand new. We want to share things others might have missed, and shine a light on the possibly obscure and overlooked.

We also publish original art, fiction, flash fiction, character studies, interviews (of anyone you find interesting!), poetry, photography, music, film. We’re particularly looking to add new voices in fiction at this time!

We’re also open to humor, comics, nature-writing. Anything you feel passionate about!

We’re also looking for someone to deejay our Magpie’s Playlist every issue–to create a playlist to share with our community, along with some writing or art to go with it.

Please send a query to if you’d like to write an article or share your original work.