May Issue, 2023

A collection of all the articles we’ve published over the past month, for those who like to savor their Magpies’ tidings as an issue.


“Once I saw a barge with a small very happy dog patrolling the deck, he seemed to have a good life travelling the canals and rivers.”

Fiction: East of Kiowa

“That was Messing’s Horse at the water trough. Elijah recognized the blue pack roll on the back like the agent had described.  Finally, he thought. The man moves fast for someone with…

Sitting in Silence with Strangers

In the course of my travels I have had many unforgettable conversations, many from dusk to till dawn, entire train and plane rides, fascinating people with incredible stories or theories on the…

An Interview with Mark Oliver

Light, space, scale, shifting light, and a new way to look at buildings you pass every day: A discussion with artist Mark Oliver.

Magpies Mix Tape: The Originals

Here is a list of the (close to) original version of songs you might know better from more popular versions that you might not have known were covers.

The song of the white-throated sparrow

There is a pause, a thick electric hush, as we wait for the thunder. But in the yard the white-throated sparrow, seemingly unphased, sings and sings his wild and melancholy song.

Temporada de Patos

It all just clicks, softly and almost imperceptibly. And then you don’t want your time with it to end, you want to spend more time with it, and you think about it…

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