December Issue, 2022

A collection of all the articles we’ve published over the past month, for those who like to savor their Magpies’ tidings as an issue.

Featured Artist: Angie Renfro

It speaks to the things that aren’t said. There’s a story that’s not being told, which adds a layer of interest to the pieces

Robert Beck: Tip-Top Shoes

You can tell that things happen in this place because it feels like you’ve been there, and that’s the bones of an engaging narrative.  I call it a heartbeat.

Draw Your Breakfast

Suggestions to enhance your daily drawing experience–keep your notebook ready and your pen filled!

On Having Enough, and a Recipe for Eggplant Wellington

Enough is just what we need, and all that we can ask. Enough money to live, enough food to eat, enough strength to carry on from day to day, and enough humor to enjoy it all. If nobody had too much, then everybody would have enough.

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