Oh, Gratitude. A Litany

This kid made a drawing, which he worked on for about two hours. And when he got to the very end, you could see him flagging and he sort of trailed off and he said, “And thanks to the pencil.” Oh, gratitude. Isn’t that beautiful? At that age, you’re not thinking about making art. You’re just responding. Where there are no sidewalks and no cops.

From an interview with Tom Waits that I might have dreamed or imagined.

Thank the cool blue lights and shadows that move across your room.
(Always thank the blue shadows)
Thank the hours of the night
Thank your pillow, Thank your bed
Thank the breeze.
Thank the busy thoughts that keep you awake.
Thank your sleep.
Thank the people you meet in your dreams.
Thank the dog dreaming at your feet.
Thank the day if you can face it.
Thank the maker of the coffee.
Thank the apple, thank the toast, thank the tea.
Thank the sparrows, thank the juncos.
Thank the sun, thank the rain.
Quietly thank the snow.
Thank the changing light, the changing season.
Thank the shifting waves of warmth.
Thank the towpath, thank the light in the water.
Thank each bird and thank the sound of their wings.
Thank the strangers who smile and the strangers who scowl.
Thank the people who help you. Thank the people who let you help.
Always thank the dogs.
Thank the dog who takes you to the frosty field
Thank the pale grass that crunches under your feet (thank your feet).
Thank the small blue shadows the frost makes when the sun warms the field.
(Always thank the blue shadows)
Always thank the light, arching over the field with the quick moving clouds.
Thank the right words, thank the wrong words, thank the silence.
Thank the warmth of your people
Thank the light of inspiration.
Thank your eccentric individual light.
Thank your blue shadows.
Thank each passing hour.
Thank the lengthening shadows, thank the waning light in bare branches.
Thank the close of day.
Thank the setting sun. Thank the ever-changing moon.
Thank the cool blue lights and shadows that move across your room.
Always thank the blue shadows.
Always thank the light.

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