September Issue

A collection of all the articles we’ve published over the past month, for those who like to savor their Magpies’ tidings as an issue.

You cannot see them anymore, They are not there

So I am content to draw, each drawing a provocation, another layer in an ongoing process of poking and prodding at notions of place and landscape and in that sense I am content to let things drift.

An Interview with Liz Johnson

“I like to introduce something remarkable into ordinary,  everyday circumstances because I think that there are always interesting things happening all  around us––and sometimes some very surreal things.”

Tom Titanic, A Cautionary Tale

Both living on their nerves, growing thinner as Tom grew fatter, they refused follow-up visits from the authorities. She missed her post-natal check-up, and they did not attend the vaccination clinic. The authorities became concerned.

Werner’s Nomenclature of Colors and Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium

There’s so much in life that we can’t capture in words or pictures: everything is shifting, changing, and with more hues, values and shades than our eyes can see, more notes than our ears can hear, more subtleties than our hearts can feel or our minds define. But I love that we still try.

Rag and Bone

He hasn’t lost the love or the language, he’s just brought them down to earth. He’s using them to make the ordinary beautiful–rags, bones, broken bottles. And things as extraordinarily ordinary as aging, as remembering.

Fiction: The Fallen Fighter

All night long they clung to each other, bobbing on a sea of whisky and memories and dreams, lashed to a floating spar that sank and rose and sank and rose again.

Germaine Dulac: Listen in Silence to Our Own Song

“The time has come, I believe, to listen in silence to our own song, to try to express our own personal vision, to define our own sensibility, to make our own way. Let us learn to look, let us learn to see, let us learn to feel.”

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