Alternative Process Photography – Amy Marie Gladding

Amy Marie Gladding’s photographs examine place and the natural world through the ethereal lens of dreams and memories. She transforms locations, both close to home and recalled from past travels, into evocative reimagined landscapes, using a variety of alternative photographic processes. These experimental methods, which are often unruly and unpredictable, seem the perfect way to capture images of nature, which is perhaps the most unruly and unpredictable of all subjects. She utilizes methods as old as photography itself, such as the cyanotype, though she updates the process by experimenting with tea and even spinach as a pigment. She manipulates the film, burying the negative, “souping” the film before it’s developed, or using expired film. And she transforms the final image into near-sculpture with tearing, layering, and collage.

“My Art and Photography practice explores the natural world and changing landscapes. I am driven to document my surroundings to try to find a sense of place in the world. My work is experimental and spans many art forms. I work predominately through analogue processes merging these outcomes with art and design techniques.

“My world is explored through alternative films, Polaroids and traditional camera-less techniques as well as altering processes such as burying negatives. I readily use collage and often create 3D work with my images. Within these processes I can travel and reflect through transient mixed media pieces, accessing any terrain or tundra, valley or plateau.”

Based in Suffolk, mixed media artist Amy Marie Gladding was born in 1986. Receiving a suitcase full of analogue photography equipment when she was 18 led to her embarking on a journey of experimental photo-arts.

Studying Fine Art (combined media) at Swansea Metropolitan University, Amy’s work has always crossed borders and spanned art disciplines. After a time travelling and teaching art abroad Amy settled back in Suffolk and now works as head of photography A Level and teacher of art at a local sixth form.

You can see more of her work on her website helloladyeee.com and on Instagram at my_faraway.

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