Lisa Lewis

My husband inspired me to start doing art. I needed a hobby, and I had dribbled and dabbled with art. I never thought I was good enough, but he told me to never give up, so I kept going.

I was at the soup kitchen to prepare for taking my GED test and I joined the A-TEAM. I started getting creative doing abstract pictures and crafts. Now, I’m weaving baskets from paper like magazines and construction paper. I also go to ARC Mercer once a month with other A-TEAM artists to help the consumers there do art. I really, really enjoy doing it. Helping others puts a smile on my face and on their faces, too.

I’m going to keep doing art in the future. I’s a positive outlet; that’s what I think.
I love being on the A-TEAM because it’s like a big extended family. I never set my alarm clock except for the A-TEAM on Tuesdays.

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