Carla Coleman

I started doing art in junior high school at art class. I keep doing it because it’s fun. You can mess up the whole room; you can leave the kids at school or home while you go to art class at the soup kitchen.

Doing art makes me feel happy. It comes from my heart. Sometimes my pictures remind me of the outside. Sometimes, they remind me of my nieces and nephews when they were little because then I always brought them with me to the soup kitchen. I especially think of Tareek. He is nice, and he gives me respect. He asks me for money, but he gives me money, too.

I love making collages. I can put a lot of things in them. I get to pick whatever pictures I like, and I can put them together any way I want.

I thank my dad for first bringing me to the soup kitchen. I was about 12 and the soup kitchen was still over on East State Street. My dad passed away many years ago. He was kind, and he made me happy. If people messed with me, he backed me up. I miss him a lot. When I do art, I think about him.

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