Emery Williams

My inspiration is art as a way to relax. When I see something, I just want to draw it. It’s a dream state. A lot of times, my paintings come from my dreams of what I see everyday.

When I go to the library, I look at magazines and at the work of other artists. I get ideas from them, but my pictures always turn out to be something very different. Art is fun. You have to love it to do it well. You put your life and your experience into it.

It was always my dream to draw. I started doing art in 6th grade, and then in the 90’s I was in the hospital and didn’t have anything to do so I drew pictures. All I needed was a pencil and some paper.

When I came to Trenton, people told me about the A-TEAM and that they did good art. When you find other people who like to do what you like to do and have the same visions, you want to be with them. You feel like you’re doing something worthwhile. It’s a motivator.

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