Emery Williams

I started doing art when I was two years old. The first thing I drew was a Mickey Mouse placemat. My mother saved it. Ever since then, I’ve had a love for doing art, and I was always encouraged by my parents.

I expanded on my art when I was coming up as a kid by doing graffiti and defacing buildings. During those times, I had a love for comic books and cartoons. I wanted to be a cartoonist.

Then, it came to a time in the mid-80’s when I started working on cardboard. I used cardboard as my canvas because I couldn’t afford any other material to draw on. I would design the cardboards that break-dancers would dance on. I would decorate the cardboards with graffiti. That right there, was when something just popped with me. I loved the texture and the way the colors looked on cardboard.

From that point on, I’ve been doing all kinds of different things and using all kinds of mediums. My way of doing art is to create images from positions that seem odd and hard to capture. I try to draw images at strange angles that make a two-dimensional picture appear to be three-dimensional.

Art gives people a feeling for how I view the world. It has always been my first love, after my family and God.

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