March Issue, 2023

A collection of all the articles we’ve published over the past month, for those who like to savor their Magpies’ tidings as an issue.

An Interview with Parent Teacher: Infrequently Asked Questions

New York City-based musician and pigeon-whisperer Parent Teacher discusses his newly released album Impending Doom. Articulate, timely, and beautifully observed, the album adroitly mixes humor with despair over the “complete breakdown of American society,” and remains addictively listenable throughout.

The ANEW Artists’ Alliance Second Annual Group Show

We are delighted to present the second annual group show of the ANEW Artists’ Alliance. This exuberant outpouring of talent and vision contains work that is profound, playful, vibrant, skillful, and endlessly surprising.

Three Sisters Soup from Indigikitchen

Using foods native to their Americas, Indigikitchen gives viewers the important tools they need to find and prepare food in their own communities. Indigenous food systems support healthier ecosystems, bodies, and families.

Cinematic Paradise: Jean Vigo

Vigo has been called one of the early advocates of poetic realism. And it’s true that his films are a delightful combination of near-documentary prosody with beautiful flights of fancy and dream-like forays into characters’ imaginations. But he shows imagination and poetry as an essential part of reality, not a departure from it.

Sleepy John Estes

Sleepy John Estes is a poet of the ordinary: though the subject is quotidian, it is beautifully observed, and his language is resonant, his voice is plaintive, and the music is perfect.

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