Piles of Time. Yasu Matsumoto

By Yasu Matsumoto

Piles, a series of photographs by Yasu Matsumoto, is a glowing and reverent reverie to the forest and from the forest. The prints are toned in the essence of the forest itself: soil, leaves, branches. Through the medium of earth and bark they reveal the invisible and express the incomprehensible, speaking to us of the memory of the trees and the deep rhythm of time passing.


As I stepped deep into the ancient forest, my instinct awakened, and the whole space started spinning around.
In the embrace of deep nature, I entered an unusual state of mind in which I felt both peace and fear at the same time.

The forest, which was one immense being at first impression became to be uneven as I spent more time.
​I sensed a sort of gap in the space, and such unevenness felt to make a rhythm to make the forest alive.
These works are the expression of such unusual phenomena that I think is created by the everlasting accumulation, or piles of time that are embedded in the process of forest growing.

Images made with wet plate collodion are enlarged, cut in pieces, and toned (boiled) in the soup of forest’s essence such as soil, leaves and branches.



-Yasu Matsumoto

Yasu Matsumoto studied at San Francisco Art Institute as a Photography Major with Linda Connor as a mentor. He now works as a Tokyo-based fine art photographer showing works internationally. With 8×10″ camera and Gelatin Silver / Wet plate collodion, the theme for his art is to “capture the invisible.” You can see more of his work at one-big-tree.com and on Instagram at yasumatsumoto

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