April Issue

A collection of all the articles we’ve published over the past month, for those who like to savor their Magpies’ tidings as an issue.

Interview with filmmaker Ana Maria Vallejo

I think there is a rather subversive character of animation that can be used … as a strategy to take a reality, maybe an oppressive one, and show a different  perspective over it, by the creation of other realities


“The paintings in this exhibition, and the photographs that inspired them, are a testament to the capacity of nature to nurture and heal even in the most challenging times.”


Time runs backwards and forwards, memories mingling with anticipation, and saints occupy the same strange space as sufferers, glowing in the corner of their visions.

The Two of Us

It’s so simple, in the end, it’s so raw and so sweet: to know one another and to love one another, this is what will wake us from the hypnosis.

Magpies Mix Tape: Big Ears

I wanted to put together a playlist that was a bit of what you might hear if you had tuned into one of my broadcasts. I hope you find a few things you’ve not heard before – maybe a surprise or two.

Film: The Mill Where Time Stood Still

This mill is not only the last standing Klotz mill, it is the last of its kind. Its doors were closed in 1957, and today it stands remarkably intact: 48,000 square feet of mill floor, 360 twisting, winding, and spinning machines, steam and drying chambers, and tons of parts and accessories – left exactly as…

My Pop Life: A Salty Dog   –   Procol Harum

Following the death of Gary Brooker at the age of 74 last week, I feel compelled to pay tribute to his finest song, or perhaps his second finest song. Obituaries have been full of praise for the songwriter and lead vocalist of Procol Harum, concentrating on his first celebrated hit single A Whiter Shade Of…

What is the use of talking? (Letter from the editor, April.)

What is the use of talking? I’ve been thinking about this so much, though in my head it’s not just talking, it’s any manner of creating. Any manner of recording what you see and feel, of capturing moments of your lives and dreams, or the lives and dreams of the people in your head.

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