A collection of all the articles we’ve published over the past month, for those who like to savor their Magpies’ tidings as an issue.

Rosa Loy

Rosa Loy creates fantastical realities in paintings that immediately entrance, but her work rewards inquiry, becoming more enriched with each new allusion and connection made. 

Peter Ydeen: Easton Nights

The night has its own visual rules, its own color wheel, and its own ethereal presence. Here, in the small hours, the world we see as mundane, cascades into dream.

Short Film: Coal’s Kingdom

In our last issue we posted a tribute to artist Harry Sternberg, by Marc Reed. In the essay, Reed wrote, “Seventy years after Sternberg marveled at the industrial might of Bethlehem Steel, I was there marveling at its decay.” Sternberg also chronicled the power of “King Coal,” and Reed visited coal country decades later to…

Island of Star-Crossed Lovers

“They would only need a little bread to eat; and even if there was only enough for one of them, he would give her the whole piece. What was the point of wanting anything else? Was there anything in life worth more than that?”

Ikiru (and why I love it)

In English “Ikiru” means “to live,” and for the rest of the film Watanbe examines what it means to be alive, what it means to be human, and what makes being alive valuable to him.

Magpie Mix Tape: Songs of Freedom

“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: NO FEAR! I mean really, no fear. If I could have that half of my life. No fear. Lots of children have no fear. That’s the only way I can describe it. That’s not all of it, but it something to really, really feel. Like a new…

Letter From the Editor: February

My insomnia thoughts turned to the idea of making the world by creating, and of all the ways we make worlds, continually and subconsciously, in our waking lives as well as in our dreams.

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