Derrick Branch

I was born doing art. I’m the last of ten kids and my brothers and sisters were already drawing pictures, so I picked it up from them. My mother took up architecture in high school. I was inspired a lot, too, by Marvel Comics. The Marvel Comic characters are more dynamic than the DC characters.

I continued to draw in school, and I made a lot of friends through my artwork because I would draw things for all the kids. Basically, I was the most artistic boy in school during my elementary school days.

I grew up and started getting into my own art. I practiced and practiced until I got comfortable drawing anything, like buildings, animals, people, and anything abstract. I have a great love for animals, especially cats, and I always try to incorporate animals in my art and into my writing and poetry.

I feel my art is unique to my perspective. I fall in love with all my art. I have an intimate relationship with all my pictures. At times, I have felt that my art was my only friend.

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