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Why I Love: You (Letter to a Relative)

Letter to a Relative

By Julie Howard

You’ve got a good head on your shoulders.
You’re smart in a mysterious way
that always keeps me wondering what else
you know that I don’t.
But you don’t hold it over me.
It’s just sheer fun together making snow angels in the winter
Or swimming til exhaustion under summer sun.
Your easy love for people is pure joy
The way you seem to know just what’s going on
Whether someone is wide open to you
Or suffering and needs a real true hug.
I’ve always admired your social skills.
You have an elegant way of knowing just how
to steer clear of  nasty situations.
How’ve you learned to do this so skillfully?
I feel I’ve done so little to show you the way.
You’ve always been able to find it on your own
Leaving me speechless before your mastery.
I love how the color of our hair matches.
When we’re out together
it’s easy for people to see we’re related.
Sometimes when we’ve walked through town
We’ve come near a child who’s sobbing with pain
Or frustration with a parent, or fear of something unknown.
I love how you plant all four paws on the sidewalk
And won’t move until the situation is resolved.

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