An Interview With Charis Ioannou

“The delivery of a seasoned jazz musician is often clear and confident even if the actual musical content is very complicated. This can also be translated into street photography: a complex scene should be portrayed with great clarity and often simplicity even if there are lots of intricate actions and nuances taking place.”

Cyanotypes & The Graves of Poets

There really is no explanation for the creative process, I can only say that from time to time I find myself crawling around graveyards…
The Leaves of Poets had been a title jangling around my head for a while and this first attempt has been made with leaves found on the grave of JRR Tolkien.

Anne Butler Yeats

But there’s such a strength to her work, such a depth of color and texture, such a sharp slicing perfection of composition, that these things become beautiful, notable, and important. They often have a sort of glow to them that elevates them beyond the every day.

Surveillance Puppy

Late in the evenings we often go out for one last patrol. The are bats flying about and often one or two owls calling. The dog is very active, tracking the scents of small animals. He looks good in the moonlight.