Katherine Minott: Finding My Scissors

A collection of Analog Collages

With collage, all things are possible: a geisha performing a tea ceremony for a beloved dog, a sewing circle of women sitting atop a reclining zebra, a young woman levitating beneath a giant bee. In this surreal realm of juxtaposition and fantasy, new worlds are born. Old magazines and books are given new life. And nothing is what it seems.

Katherine Minott, M.A., is a visual artist in love with the utter simplicity and potent possibility of analog collage (images made with just paper, scissors, glue, and nothing digital). When not working in her studio, she can be found exploring the craggy shoreline and quiet forests of Maine. Katherine is a published writer and photographer, and a former college writing instructor.
See more of her artwork at

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  1. love the variety of stories told in each collage. I find them fascinating, because each time I look on them I think a new thought, and feel a new feel. I love the joy and freedom included in each piece.


  2. I love all your posts but I am especially fond of cutting and pasting as well. Sometimes I even put pieces together with oil paints and make something unique. Images on good quality paper are hard to find!

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