Featured Photographer: Patrick Joust: Inside/Outside Light.

Patrick Joust’s urban photography seems to capture a moment between night and day and a place between spaces humans have made. The coolness of the outside light melts against the warm light of windows, the hot light of neon signs, the trail of headlights from a passing car. The buildings have stories to tell, they’re worn down by the lives of the people who have inhabited them. And though people are very much in evidence–they built the buildings, lit the lights, and drive the cars–they haunt the photographs like dreams or memories.

Patrick Joust is a Baltimore based photographer, librarian and occasional pontificator. To see more photos, go to my flickr page. I’m on Instagram and facebook. You can also find a more manageable portfolio on my web page. If you like my Baltimore photographs, check out my wife’s tumblr, Glitter Beneath the Rot, to get her perspective on life in Baltimore City schools.

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